A State Of Trap: Episode 33 Will Get You Back Into Trap Music

Explosions! Fanfare! Trumpets! There’s a new episode of A State Of Trap out right now, 33 – and it is probably one of the best yet. It features a lot of the subgenres and exciting new BPMs and tangents that the trap music genre has taken. Listen now!
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Track Listing: Available on iTunes and Mixcloud! 

Episode 21: Drunk Mice Made This

The truth is out there. A State Of Trap can help. The twenty-first president of the USA was Chester A. Arthur, and our twenty-first episode features absolutely none of that damn fool.

Look, I know what you really want – you want to listen to A State Of Trap Episode 21. Here’s the best ways: 


  • 1 Oski – Heatwave
  • 2 ZAV – Bounce (Sleeze Remix)
  • 3 Kanye West – New Slaves (DJ Snake Remix)
  • 4 Dada Life – Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker (Benasis Festival Trap Remix)
  • 5 Johhny Cash – I Walk The Line (Wick-it Remix feat. Fyutch)
  • 6 Gladkill – Like A Pro
  •  7 Ganz – Folie A Deux (G Jones Remix)
  •  8 M!NT x Bedrockk – Casual
  •  9 Sango – Here With Me
  •  10 Buzz Trillington – Game is Tight
  •  11 Juke ellington – This Is Trill
  •  12 Slim Thug & Mike Jones – Tippin’ (Falcons rmx)
  •  13 Shackles – Sketchy
  •  14 Cestladore – MELANIE
  •  15 Robotic Pirate Monkey – Banana Cannon (Jimmy Burns remix)
  •  16 Henrix, Jakob Liedholm – Close Your Eyes (Flaxo Remix)
  •  17 Buku – Fooled
  •  18 Mayhem & Antiserum – “Pakistan”
  •  19 Zak The Blak – Swank
  •  20 Nina Simone – Feeling good (Bassnectar Remix)
  •  21 Shiftee & RX – Bruce Willy
  •  22 Jay Z – Heaven (K Theory Remix)
  •  23 Micetro X Dvnk Sinatrv – Action
  •  24 Mr. Carmack – Former
  •  25 Grandtheft & Skratch Bastid – Miley
  •  26 Twrk – Nolia
  •  27 Bauuer? ID – SLIP56
  •  28 Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine (Team Bayside High Remix)

A State Of Trap: Episode 13 (No Harlem Shake)

Episode Thirteen has been a very long time coming, and with Bauuer’s Harlem Shake on the top charted position around the world, trap fans are asking themselves: what’s next? Is trap over?
Please, you should know better than that. A State of Trap brings you yet another Harlem-Shake-Free episode of real trill shit, so take an hour to listen and enjoy. For those of you worried about the next episode, 14 is already on the way to its final stages, so get ready for a really trap-filled month.
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